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Turn your dream into a reality

  • Ideal affordable package for a mini celebration of our amazing dads!

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  • Fully customisable Care packages to make someones day :)

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  • Isolation Party Boxes! Perfectly safe parties!

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  • Bring the Tropical vibes to your home or loved ones!

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  • Unicorn Themed Party delivered straight to you!

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  • Specially curated craft kits for your little ones to enjoy!

    65 Singapore dollars
  • Balloons and special messages inside specially for your loved ones!

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  • Helping you with party planning right in the comfort of your own home!

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  • Learn to use items from around your home to create a unique home party

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  • 8 Latex Balloons(2 colours) and 1 Happy Birthday Foil Balloon

    starting from $85
  • Balloon Arch 1.5m-2m 3 colour choices

    starting from $120
  • Rental display wares for your party!

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  • Fit for princesses, Princes, Queens and Kings!

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  • Fuss free Professional Picnic parties

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