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We also specialise in curating unique activities and entertainment services according to your event theme. 

A surefire way to ensure your guests are fully engaged and entertained during your party! Every activity and entertainment service will be specially selected for your appropriate age group and will be run smoothly by our team.



30mins〜.  Suitable for more than 3 years old.


Face and Body painting

30 mins 〜. Kids can choose their favourite designs from many choices. They will love it!


Spa Party Program

Perfect activity for girls. Our team will guide and entertain guests with curated program such as bath bomb making, nail painting, facial massage. We will arrange all necessary items for the program, such as mirrors or towels.


Balloon Sculptor

30 mins〜2hrs. Suitable activity from toddlers to adults.


Animal Rider Rental

Starts from 2 Hrs. Perfect for outdoor parties.It's a safe and fun activity as our party planners will instruct kids on how to operate the rider and assist them during the ride.


Electric Jeep and Car Rental

Perfect for outdoor parties. They will be excited! It's safe and fun as our party planners will operate it for the kids.


Kitchen Play Sets Rental

Kitchen Play Sets Rentals are an affordable and safer option for kid's parties because they can have fun with their friends.


Fun Water Gun Activity

It's a fun activity that is suitable for hot Singapore weather. Our party planner guide kids throughout the play.


Ball Pit Rental

Make your home a playground with the colourful ball pit!


Various Art and Craft Program

Our team can organise various programs such as tote bags painting, sensory bottle, fairy wand craft as per your request.

Starts from $15/pax

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Bouncy Castle Rental

If you have enough space, why not include a bouncy castle in your party? It gives the kids a chance to play with each other.


Food Vendors

(ice cream, popcorn, cotton candy etc)

Are you looking to serve a feast for the eyes and stomachs with a lively food station? Leave it to us! Just tell us your preferences so that we can propose workable choices as per your requests and arrange everything to make it happen.


Photo Booth

Mini photo booth is a perfect setup for anyone celebrating their birthdays! Amp up your celebration mood with a custom bespoke photo booth.


Professional Photo Service

Let’s make your party unforgettable and keep it forever with lovely pictures. Our professional photographer captures the joyful and emotional moments on the camera.


Photo Collage

Birthdays are a great day to reflect on your child's growth! We help a busy mom with making a photo collage of the birthday kid.


Customised Goodie Bag Gifts

One and only customised goodie bag gift leave good impressions on your guests and makes your party unforgettable.Starts from $15/pax.

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